Indooroopilly Swimming has been providing a pathway from Learn To Swim to Elite performance for over 40 years. 

Swimmers must be assessed before enrolling.

Free assessments are available by appointment only by emailing indooroopillyswimming@gmail.com

Learn To Swim
$370 per 10 week term
2 x 30 minute classes per week.
Children are introduced to Freestyle and Backstroke with the objective of teaching the correct aquatic posture and position to be in to continue to develop skills across all strokes in the future.  Developing a strong kick and basic arm and breathing patterns is of strong focus.  Children will acquire an appropriate degree of self-control in the aquatic environment.  Children are graded into classes of similar standards prior to commencement in the program.

When progressing to Stroke Correction, children will be able to swim 25m freestyle & backstroke, demonstrating correct technique the whole way.

Children progressing to Stroke Correction also show a high level of attention and listening skills within a group environment.

Stroke Correction
$350 per 10 week term

2 x 30 minute classes per week.

The objective of these classes is a continued focus on stroke development with the introduction of breaststroke and butterfly.   Children will learn various drills for each stroke to help them improve technique and efficiency in the water.  In this level children will also be introduced to competitive skills such as diving, and tumble turns.


Junior Squad

$360 per 10 week term

3 x 60 minute sessions per week.

Own kit preferred.

This squad is aimed at improving swimmer’s technique for all strokes as well as development of their starts and turns. The program structure focuses significantly on drills and technique education but also introduces elements of training necessary for competition such as racing skills.



$380 per 10 week term

4 x 1 hour sessions per week.

Own kit required.

This squad will continue to develop the skills of all the strokes plus starts and turns. The swimmers will also learn how to improve their training so they are able to compete well in competitions. The swimmer will also be introduced to longer training sets as they develop their fitness. We will also develop their racing skills as they look at competing in local competitions.